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NijiPop Culture Festival 2024

Volunteer Application

Step 1 Registrant Information

Form Information

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the NijiPop Culture Festival! Please fill out this application form to help us understand your skills, interests, and availability. All information will be kept confidential.

Your nickname will be used to refer to you in person and it will also appear on your badge!

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Step 2 Details for Review

In case your portfolio is not accessible to the internet by default, you may upload it to Google Drive, set the access to allow viewing, and paste the link in the input field above.

If you do not have a résumé yet, you may create one for free on Reactive Resume and paste the link to the field above. More information can be found here Reactive Resume Documentation.

Have you been affiliated or currently affiliated with any organization or group that organize or assist staff/organize events?
We will include current affilations into account in our internal deliberations.

Step 3 Additional Information

Respondent Province*
In order for us to know where the majority of our volunteers is located, we will be asking for the region where you are responding from. If you are from outside of the Province of Cebu, please select the first option.
Volunteer Application Interest*
In order for us to learn more about you, please tell us why or what made you interested to volunteer for NijiPop Culture Festival.
Placement Preferences*
If you a have a preference on where to be placed, you may select your top three (3) choices on the team you will be with. Each team's responsibilities are detailed at our support page under Team Roles and Responsibilities.

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Step 4 Confirm Your Details

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